Collaborations are so over-hyped…


Kanye West is the catalyst for so many artists’ careers.

I can imagine having a collaboration with the 35-year old is like when you get your first girlfriend/boyfriend at school – short-lived and all you’re after is some action so you can boast to your friends.

The latest to walk into Kanye’s magic circle looks to be Tulisa.

Don’t worry, I heard your groan from here. The former NDubz star is looking to revive her limited career by getting the rapper and record producer to feature on a track on her new album.


Slurp slurp slurp…

Her latest album released in 2012, ‘The Female Boss’ didn’t quite cut it only making it to 35th in the Uk charts, but yet one of her videos released last year kept her in popular demand with her male fans.

It didn’t involve any music though – strange.

Tulisa said about her new album: “I want to take my sound back to basics. I want to just make songs that I really love from now on.”

I’ve had a similar approach to my singing – sadly no one else loves it as it is me just screaming in a Neanderthal style tone.

My album still got to number 34 in the charts though, so I guess we’re all winners.

Collaborations have always seemed to bring a sense of egocentric narcissism to music – particularly with artists that claim hits for their name.

But there are always those duets that you wonder…”Da fuck is this all about?”

So here are a few that just struck the pinnacle of bizarre…

Wu Tang Clan and Texas

Say What You Want was a brilliant 90s anthem and Wu Tang Clan’s Gravel Pit was also a great track when it was released, but what the fuck was happening here?

Sharleen Spiteri kicking back while Method Man spits bars on the same stage.

Wow. Where’s that noose?

Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson

I like the enthusiasm, but Snoop Dogg singing folk music is like a small child trying his hand at property development – seriously unnecessary.

The pair recorded the track Superman and amid the lyrical genius of Snoop Dogg, sorry Snoop Lion (I don’t get it either), I still feel there could have been some more yee-haws and howls.

Is that just too much to ask?

Elmo and Andrea Bocelli

An Italian tenor singing to sleep the little red monster that so many small children have played with over the years.

It’s just not something that happens in this day and age…but we’ve thought that before – Ken Barlow.

-Tom Rawle

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