Album Review: Armin Van Buuren – Intense

With a few rays of sunshine overpowering the relentless winter downpour, Dutch DJ and producer Armin Van Buuren’s new album comes as a breath of fresh air.

Intense, released on Friday, encapsulates a blend of stereotypical ‘summer anthem’ tracks amid a trance festival’s rapture.

The five times world No.1 DJ voted in DJ Mag has added a set of versatile instrumental and vocal accompaniments, such as Laura Jansen on the slower Sound Of The Drums and Trevor Guthrie on his first single from the album This Is What It Feels Like, generating different textures throughout.

This Is What It Feels Like has hit the Kiss chart this week and looks set to be a big success with a floor-filling beat and melodic vocals from Trevor Guthrie, sounding very similar to Coldplay’s Chris Martin in the chorus.

The 36-year old was the headline act for the new King of the Netherlands’ coronation last week, which is understandable if the Royal family had been able to leak his album earlier than the rest of us.

Overall, the combination and nature of the album surprisingly creates a sweet  seasonal serenity for a trance set  and effortlessly belittles many other top DJ’s solo albums.


Tom Rawle
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